Position at work should at least match with the house you live in

Though you are comfortable staying in a rented house and would like to increase your bank balance it is important that you socialize with everyone and should also invite them to house. Of course, you could also give a treat to your colleagues or friends in some restaurant but those who want to be close to you would wish that you invite them to house. However, your concern could be that you would get comments when you invite them to your house. So, the best thing that you could do is to buy the  pearl bank condo  that would give you the gut feel that your colleagues and friends whom you invite home would hardly have anything to comment on this house.


Of course, it is worth of clearing all your bank balance. It is quite obvious that bank balance is never seen by others unless you explicitly talk about it. If you try to talk about it, there are many chances that the discussions would be interrupted by the other people who approach you for clarifications in work. So, why don’t you stop increasing your bank balance and live in a house that is comfortable for you and your family. Also, when you have bank balance you would tend to invest in some other alluring options that people around you talk. Not always increasing or multiplying the money should be your motive.

You should always balance out the savings versus expenses. Also, buying a house would definitely be savings as you would save the rent and would also save the expenses incurred in shifting from one house to the other. If your balance is not sufficient enough to buy the condo you could take a little loan that could be cleared by you in the less time possible.

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