Don’t Buy The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones

If you have been thinking about buying a pair of Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones, I’d urge you to think again. Sennheiser has just recalled all existing units and have even stopped production. I believe the primary cause of this decision is due to Bluetooth issues. Engadget has more details about this so make sure to check it out if you’re seriously thinking about buying a pair.

The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Headphones have had Bluetooth issues and production has currently stopped.


Let me just add that I quite liked the Sennheiser Momentum headphones. They looked awesome and the sound quality was insanely good. The funny thing is that when I tested them, I didn’t have any issues with the Bluetooth. I suppose that could just be because I didn’t spend too long with them.

While Sennheiser maintains that the issue only affects a handful of units, the fact that they have completely stopped production of the Momentum headphones makes me think there is seriously something wrong here.

Sennheiser are known for making awesome headphones so it wouldn’t surprise me if the production is back on track soon, but for now at least, I would recommend staying away from the Momentums. If you really want to buy a new pair of headphones soon, maybe look at the cheaper Sennheiser 598s. For the price, these are excellent value for money and I actually discussed them in this article so make sure to read that.

To sum it up, I wouldn’t recommend getting the Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones. I think they’re too expensive and there are better alternatives out there. There also seems to be a couple of issues with them right now and Sennheiser have completely halted production. This could even mean that they might be discontinued.

Beats Solo 2s Are Not The Best Headphones Under 200 Dollars

The Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones are overrated and nowhere near the best headphones under 200 dollars. Read on to find our number one pick.With Beats becoming so popular today due to their flashy marketing, people automatically assume Beats headphones are awesome. This is completely false and couldn’t be further from the truth. The Beats Solo 2 headphones for example, cost $179 and are nowhere near the best headphones under 200 dollars. In fact, I know plenty of $100 headphones that would destroy the Beats Solo 2s in terms of sound quality.

The only thing that’s good about Beats is their marketing. There is no denying that they have done very well to create such a popular brand. Ultimately though, their key plan is attracting teenagers who don’t know the first thing about music and just want something flashy. If you are genuinely looking for some awesome headphones, I recommend getting the Sennheiser HD 598s. They cost around $150 and are easily one of the best headphones under 200 dollars. They look fantastic as well, much better than those cheap-looking Beats Solo 2s. I seriously don’t get the obsession with Beats. They look like cheap plastic headphones that you can buy for less than $20. In comparison, the Sennheiser HD 598s look like premium headphones that cost a lot more than $150.

When it comes to comfort, you won’t find much better than the Sennheiser HD 598s. The massive earpads are so comfortable to use and you will not feel pain even if you were to use them constantly throughout the day. Then, when you look at the Beats Solo 2 headphones, the comfort is non-existent. The plastic material starts to hurt your ears after a little while and after using it for about an hour, I just wanted to take them off. If you’re plan is not to listen to any music but rather hang the headphones around your neck to look cool, by all means, get the Beats Solo 2s. That’s what they’re made for. But, if you actually want to listen to music and experience premium sound quality as well as comfort, the Sennheiser HD 598s are perfect for you.

A couple of my friends used to have Beats on-ear headphones, and they broke within 6 months. That’s laughable when you consider how expensive they are. They are made of cheap plastic though so what do you expect? I remember reading a report about how Beats headphones cost less than $10 to make and how they were made of incredibly poor quality parts. The Sennheiser HD 598s, in comparison, are premium headphones and come with a 2-year warranty. So, as long as you don’t purposefully break them, they should last you at least 2 years, but most likely longer. I don’t know about you, but to me, $150 to listen to premium quality sound for a couple of years is money well spent.

A lot of people compare the Beats to Apple’s iPhone but I think that’s ridiculous. Even though, there are a lot of people who hate the iPhone, there is no denying that it’s a quality product that works extremely well. Yes, it’s a little expensive but at the end of the day, it’s still a fantastic device that matches up to the top Android phones. Beats headphones, on the other hand, are just terrible and produce sound quality that is nowhere near as good as similarly priced headphones. Heck, I’d rather make my own cheap headphones rather than buy the Beats Solo 2 headphones.

Making Your Own Tangle-Free Headphones

People today normally just go out and buy a pair of headphones for like $50. They use it for a few months and everything works fine. Then, suddenly, the headphones either start to break or stop working completely. Then, it’s a case of going out and wasting another $50 to buy another pair of headphones. Basically, the cycle continues and you end up spending a couple of hundred dollars to listen to music. That’s crazy in my opinion, and there are ways to stop that happening.

If you especially don’t have much money to waste on headphones, please look through the infographic below on making your own tangle-free headphones.

Let me know if I have missed out a step or if you are finding any of these directions particularly difficult.

The idea of this Infographic is to help people on a low budget in making their own tangle-free headphones


5 Cool Things Your iPhone Headphones Can Do

When I got my brand new iPhone 6+ out of the box, I left the cheap headphones that came with it completely untouched. Like most people, I had the impression that they were of poor quality and cost less than a dollar to make.

Recently though, because my main Shure headphones broke after a couple of years of constant usage, I was forced to use those iPhone headphones. It turns out that they’re not so bad after all. Okay, the sound quality is not good at all and I definitely wouldn’t want to use these on a regular basis. But, for free headphones, they’re not bad to have as a backup. After using them for a couple of days, here are 5 cool tricks I picked up.

1. If you want to listen to a song, press the button in the middle and it automatically loads up your music player. Press it again if you want to pause the song and press it twice quickly if you want to skip a song entirely.

2. If you really liked the song and want to rewind it, simply press the middle button three times quickly and hold it on the last one.

3. If you’re listening to your music and you suddenly get a phone call, just press the middle button to answer it.

4. There is a good quality built in microphone that lets you speak hands free.

5. If you’re listening to some music while walking along the street and you want to take quick snap, just open up the camera app and press either of the volume buttons.

These are certainly not means amazing features but they’re quite cool and make it easier to listen to music when out and about. These aren’t the only things you can do with these iPhone headphones. Watch the video below to see all 14 things you can do with them. You can also read this article to find out more tricks.

Songs Skip Issue with Headphones on the HTC One M8

Like most people who own one, I absolutely love my HTC One M8. For a music lover, there is simply no better phone out there. This is mainly due to the awesome BOOMsound speakers, which produce twice as much sound than the iPhone 6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Recently, after buying a new pair of headphones, I had trouble playing songs on the M8. It turns out, that because my new Shure headphones didn’t have a plastic headphone jack, every time I connected them to my phone, they didn’t work properly. Tracks kept on skipping and I was getting really annoyed. I just paid over $99 for an awesome pair of headphones but I can’t even use them. At first, I thought it could be software issue or maybe my headphone jack is just messed up. However, when I switched back to the headphones that came with the HTC One, they were working perfectly fine. After doing a bit of research online, it was indeed due to the fact that my new headphones didn’t have a plastic headphone jack. I was still determined to make to use my new headphones on the HTC One.

Don’t Worry, There Is A Fix

Luckily, there are a few different ways to fix this issue. There’s not much point in talking in detail about it, but I’ve included a video that worked well for me. Make sure to watch the entire video and follow the instructions.

If that didn’t work for you, then check out this thread on the XDA developer forums for a better solution.

Kokoon Headphones Make You Fall Asleep Anywhere

While we appreciate that technology has gotten much better over the last few years, we didn’t think this was even possible. There has been news around the Internet that Kokoon have created a new set of headphones that make you fall asleep no matter where you are and how tired you are. For those of you that have never heard of Kokoon, they are basically the creation of a Kickstarter campaign.

So how do these headphones work you ask? Well, they basically have EEG sensors to track how deep you are in your sleep. Based on this, they then adjust the volume of your music. The idea behind it is that, this will then block out all the external noise (snoring anyone?) but at the same time, your music won’t wake you up once you fall asleep. That’s a pretty clever thing, if it works that is.

I’ve tried using headphones in the past and have had good results in getting to bed and blocking out all the external noise. The problem though is that this music has sometimes woken me up suddenly in the middle of the night. That basically made the entire exercise pointless. These Kokoon headphones seem to solve this issue.

These Kokoon headphones are very comfortable and look to be perfect when you need to fall asleep quickly.

Still though, wearing headphones in the middle of the night comes with its own problems. For example, they tend to become very hot and build up sweat quite easily. Apparently, these Kokoon headphones have an air circulation system, which maintains the acoustic seal but at the same time causes air to circulate around the earpads. This in turn will reduce the heat and moisture.

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve personally tested these Kokoon headphones myself. In fact, they’re not even ready for release yet. But, they are available for pre-order and you can buy them for $139. I believe shipping starts in February 2016 but it would be best to confirm that yourself.

If you know the developer of these headphones, or have somehow gotten your hands on a pair, let me know what you think of them.